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Australia Postcards - About Australia Postcards

Australia Postcards is an online postcard retailer that sells real standard Australian postcards.


People have been sending and collecting postcards since the 1800s, and Australia Postcards, which was established in 2008, aims to help continue this recreation by helping people share Australian postcards within Australia and around the world.


Australia Postcards is for people who like to collect Australian postcards for themselves; send postcards to their family, friends, colleagues, or postcard exchange participants; or, give postcards to visitors, students, or delegates. It's also great for people who can't get back to a place that they have been, or can't get to a place that they would like to go. (And, it has also been established for those who like to receive postcards!). 


Australia Postcards stocks postcards that are Australian made and feature images and landscapes from around Australia. We invite you to browse through our Australian postcard galleries (ANIMAL, BEACH, MELBOURNE, and SYDNEY etc...); or, if you are short of time, choose one of our Top 10 postcards.


Through Australia Postcards' website you can choose and have sent to your address in an envelope any type and any number of Australian postcards in our range.
All you need to do is:


1. Choose a postcard (Search or Browse through our Australian postcard galleries; or, if you are short of time, choose one of our Top 10 postcards.)
2. Purchase the postcard (Online through Paypal using either your credit card, debit card, bank account or Paypal balance; or, offline using your bank account.)

Do you like to share a physical connection to place?
Do you like to maintain a physical connection to others?
Do you like to be able to, or would you like absent family, friends and colleagues to be able to: post postcards on the fridge; pin postcards on the office noticeboard; lean postcards against the vase on the kitchen table; prop postcards on the mantelpiece; or, file postcards in an album?


If you would like to reach out and touch someone with a postcard, and give them "the postcard's touch", then Australia Postcards is for you.


Say it with postcards, say it with Australia Postcards!

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