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An Aussie Gentleman Bookmark BM9

Title: An Aussie Gentleman Bookmark


[G'day mate - Pleased to make your acquaintance
You little ripper! - Words of praise fail me
Fair dinkum - Of course I'm telling the truth.
Pull ya head in - You may be correct in your assertion but shut up
Bloody oath! - I'm in total agreement with you.
Howya going? May I enquire about your welfare?
Give it a go ya mug! Are you perhaps incapable of performing this act?
Your shout - If you value your well being you should buy the next drink.
You Drongo - You rather dimwitted person
Rack off - Your presence is no longer required]

Caption: An Aussie Gentleman

Type: Bookmark
Dimensions: 5.7cm x 17.8cm
Finish: Glossy
Publisher: Visit Merchandise

An Aussie Gentleman Bookmark

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