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Kangaroo (Story) PC206

Title: Kangaroo (Story)



*Red section of map indicates habitat

[Text on front:
Kangaroos are marsupial mammals. They are macropods which means "big foot". Macropods belong to the family Macropodidae. They have a lifespan of up to 6 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.
Most Kangaroos are distinguised from other animals by the way they hop on their strong back legs. Their tail is used for balance while hopping and also acts as a fifth limb when moving slowly. Kangaroos can bound as speeds of up to 64 km per hour and leap over obstacles up to 3 metres high.
Over 40 species of Kangaroos live throughout Australia. They are herbivores, eating grasses, leaves and shoots of small trees. Kangaroos generally feed in the evening or at night.
Females have front opening pouches which contain four teats. During the early stages of pouch life, baby Kangaroos (Joeys) are permanently attached to the teat. After 4 months, Joeys can leave the mother's pouch for short periods. At 9 months they leave the pouch permanently.]

Dimensions: 14.3cm x 10.2cm
Finish: Glossy
Publisher: Visit Merchandise

Kangaroo (Story)

SKU: PC206
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