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Australia Postcards - Postcards for Schools

Postcards for Schools

Australia Postcards offers free slightly-damaged postcards to school teachers to run postcard-related activities for their school classes.

For more information on the offering and how to request postcards for your class please see the Details further below.




- the postcards and p&h are free
- the postcards are slightly-damaged
- a maximum of 36 postcards will be sent at any one time
- the school must have an Australian mailing address
- specific themes of postcards may be requested and will be honoured subject to availability 

Please request your postcards by using the Australia Postcards - Contact Us Form:


In the comments, please outline:
- name of school
- number of postcards
- theme of postcards
- intended activity

No payment is required; however, it would be appreciated if a postcard from your local area, city or state was sent to Australia Postcards (See Contact Us for the address.) by the teacher or a student with a message outlining the postcard activity and what was learnt from it etc.

Please note that your participation and your message (whole or in part) may be used on the Australia Postcards' website - most likely on the Postcards for Schools page.

We look forward to receiving your school's postcard request and sharing "the postcard's touch!"

Australia Postcards - "the postcards touch!"

Schools that have Participated
Indigo Montessori Child Care and Kindy - Broome
- For the kindy children aged 3 to 5 to learn about posting for World Postcard Day.
Armidale Secondary College
- We would love to add some postcards to our art supplies at Armidale IEC. They would be used for a variety of topics and Australian themed postcards could be useful.
St Thomas More Primary School
- The year 1/2 children are immersed in a unit of work based around Alison Lester's Are We There Yet?
We are starting a unit on writing and are using postcards to write from our favourite Australian holiday destination.
Kingsford Smith School
- The Year 2 class are doing a unit on Magic Beach, by Alison Lester. The unit includes writing postcards to family, etc. We would be extremely grateful for any postcards you are able to pass on to us. 
Live Oak Elementary School
- Our students come from an environment in which very few of them have experiences outside their own neighborhood.  We have started Club Day once a month on Friday’s to offer them some wonderful experiences.  My group is “It’s a Small World”.   We will be discovering countries around the world.  Students will receive “passports”, learn highlights of each country, make a craft and sample food from each country.  Thank you for donating some Australia post cards for this special event and for investing in the lives of our future!
St Joseph's Primary School​ Kangaroo Point
- Would like to do a postcard activity with postcards with pictures of Australia with my Year 3 class and we really appreciate your generous offer.
Toogoolawah State School
- For use as part of our writing lessons.
Waitara Public School 
- Australian Postcards to compliment our Geography Unit in Term 3. We are looking at Places around Australia and will be looking at recreating our own postcard using a place around Australia.
Home School 
- I am a homeschooling mother interested in the postcards for school. My daughter and her friends would use them as part of their geography, letter writing, cultural learning, friendship building, and other learning units. We are excited to share our love of Australia with our friends through a postcard exchange.
Heathmont College
- I teach in an English Language Centre with international students. Each year we do a unit on Australia and students write a postcard to someone in their home country. Thank you so much for your generous donation of postcards. The students love doing that exercise.
Beth Yeshurun Day School
- I am a Pre K teacher of 4-5 year olds. We are starting an "Around the World" thematic unit. We will be teaching the children about different countries - their culture, food, attractions, money, clothing, etc. We are also asking people to send us postcards from around the world. We will be charting where they come from, as well as making tally marks for each one that we receive. Can you please send us a postcard from Australia? Thank you! Greatly appreciated!!
Heathmont College
- I teach an intensive English language course to newly arrived international students at a government secondary college. In a unit entitled ‘Welcome to Australia’ the students write postcards to their families about their experiences and first impressions of Australia. I would love to give them real postcards to write their final draft so they can send them to their families in China and Vietnam.
Mt Lockyer Primary School
- I am teaching a Year 1/PP class and we will be looking at writing to socialise. I would love some postcards that I could sent out to the children.
Merriwa Central School
- To encourage positive behaviour at school, we are planning on sending postcards home to parents for students who are achieving their very best. It is important to encourage positive behaviour and achievement, as it helps to create a safe, caring and nurturing environment within our school. It also helps to strengthen the community by building positive links between home, school and community. We would love some free postcards in helping us achieve this vision.
Ocean Reef Senior High School
- We would like the students to participate in a "postcrossing" activity in which they write to students overseas using postcards to promote their favourite book, series or author. The students will, in turn, receive postcards from other participating schools about their favourite books and authors.
Peakhurst Public School
- Intended activity is to open up the lines between school and home in order to engage and motivate students and employ a positive approach to improved behaviour. Teachers will attempt to send every student a postcard home throughout the year emphasising something positive/improved they have accomplished.
Henry Kendall High School 
- I am planning a project where students within my school exchange postcards - with thanks to @GiorgiaLupi for the idea. The postcards would be a 'get to know you' thing where the students, put randomly into pairs, would get to know each other by communicating through data: they would collect and share personal graphs. For example, how often they checked the time that week, how often they said thankyou - and other things the students choose. I would love SOME of these cards to feature Australian icons including animals, Aboriginal art, places, famous people. At the end of the project, the students will write a short report on what they learnt about themselves, what they learnt about their buddy and what they learnt about data and its uses.
Home School 
- For teaching my home-schooled child geography so he can learn about places he has not been to and to help him do projects on these places.

Monash University Volunteering Department
- Running "microvolunteering" events where students come and write a postcard to seriously ill children to brighten their day.


Heathmont College
- I am developing an English language course for a group of international students starting at our school in 2017. As part of an Australia unit I am focussing on informal language and postcard writing. I would love to be able to give them an actual postcard to write their final draft and then possibly send it to someone.

Yanchep Beach Primary School
- Seeking postcards with various images for year 4 Writing Groups.

All Saints Catholic Primary School
- Australia: Story Country Book Week - storytelling - looking at postcards and creating stories.

Helena Elementary School (Helena, Alabama, USA)
- Kyndall and her fellow students were trying to source postcards from all over the world for their geography class project.

Cessnock East Public School
- beach postcards to incorporate into a persuasive writing class which will focus on attracting tourists to a destination.

St George Girls High School
- Running a postcard writing competition in association with ANZAC day. The card will be written by Sydney students to a soldier.

Moora Primary School 
- Learning about different print mediums.

Pingelly Primary School 
- Learning different styles of writing and sending the postcards to another school.


Other Organisations that have Participated

Wallsend Aged Care

- Arm Chair Travel activity.

Eva Tilley Memorial Home
- Supply Australian postcards that showed places that the residents could remember to enable and empower conversations about their life & travels.

Cause Corps: Postcard for Kids Melbourne Meetup (2 events)
- Volunteers send postcards to sick children in the UK to brighten their day and help take their mind off being in hospital.


School Postcard Stories and Activities in the News


"Llandudno [Welsh] schoolgirl receives a postcard from former Australian Prime Minister" from Daily Post on 14th May 2018:

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"Writing Postcards Can Help Ward Off The Summer Learning Loss" from on 2nd August 2017:

"Children create postcards for seniors in the community" from on 21st June 2017:


"Good Samaritan student sends anonymous postcards to nursing homes and hospital wards to help people battling tough times" from Daily Mail Australia on 26th May 2016:

"Slow delivery service gains popularity among Chinese young" (Postponed postcard delivery service to send messages from the present to the future.) from on 10th October 2015:

Postcards - the Snapchat of the early 20th century (In the early 1900s you could send and receive a postcard on the same day!) from The Sydney Morning Herald on 22nd May 2015:

"Slow delivery service gains popularity among Chinese young" (Postponed postcard delivery service to send messages from the present to the future.) from on 10th October 2015:

"Retired teacher keeps art of handwritten notes alive" (Postcards make you "feel cared about" and "Americans sent 925 million in 2014".) from Click on Detroit on 6th May 2015:

"Why people still prefer postcards to Facebook...", incl. a chart of "How often people send postcards" from The Telegraph on 23rd January 2015:

"Queen Elizabeth Responds to Postcard From Youngster" from Female First on 7th October 2014:

"Children blown away by balloon experiment" from The Northern Echo on 4th June 2014:

"Rocky family receive message in a bottle from New Caledonia" (Postcard in a bottle!) from Whitsunday Times on 30th October 2013:

"Students travel the world with postcards and Google Earth" from WBIR.COM on 25th April 2013:

"Postcards show the world to an 8-year-old blind boy Nathan Hiltman" from on 21st December 2012:

"Postcrossing: Homeschooling community teaches geography through postcards" from The State Journal Frankfort, KY on 18th August 2012:

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