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Australia Postcards - Sticky Postcard Dots

Secure your postcards in scrapbooks and albums or on fridges, noticeboards and cupboards. 

Sticky Postcard Dots are self adhesive glue dots that are acid free and postcard safe.

Instructions for Sticky Postcard Dots:

1. Tear off a sticky postcard dot square following the perforated edges.
2. Peel away the white protective sheet.
3. Place the sticky postcard dot directly on the back of the postcard in the desired position and apply a little pressure. 
4. Peel away the clear protective sheet.
5. Postcard is ready to be stuck in a scrapbook or on a cupboard etc* depending upon the number of dots required**.
6. To remove a sticky postcard dot delicately roll it off the back of the postcard with your fingertip


* Please note that you should test all surfaces first and that stickiness increases with time.

** The number of sticky postcard dots required to fasten a postcard depends upon whether it's a temporary or permanent placement and the strength of adherence required - typically 1 dot will work for a temporary placement on a cupboard, however, you might prefer to use more; and 4 dots will be required for a permanent placement in a scrapbook, however, you might prefer to use fewer.)

Example of a single sticky postcard dot applied to the top centre of a postcard.

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