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An Aussie Sheila Bookmark BM10

Title: An Aussie Sheila Bookmark


[Wanna Cuppa? - Would you care for some tea?
Go and tart yourself up - Please dress in your best clothes
The old man's shot through - My husband's left town
Don't get your knickers in a knot - Don't upset yourself
What's the latest goss? - Any juicy news?
Grouse lippy - What a nice shade of lipstick
Get stuffed bitch - Leave whenever you like
How ya goin' luv? - I hope you are feeling well
Shut ya gob - Tell someone who cares
Don't crap on - Aren't you exaggerating?]

Caption: An Aussie Sheila

Type: Bookmark
Dimensions: 5.7cm x 17.8cm
Finish: Glossy

Note: Strong language
Publisher: Visit Merchandise

An Aussie Sheila Bookmark

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