Aussie Map Icons Shape Postcard PC189

Title: Aussie Map Icons (Shape Postcard)


[Includes images of: Hibiscus flower, dolphin, dunny, boots, Australian flag, Akubra hat, Australian Rules football, blowfly, kangaroo road sign, Uluru, crocodile, beer stubby in stubby holder, thongs, Ulysses Butterfly, currency, Ned Kelly's armour, Melbourne tram, Frangipani flowers, kangaroo, female beachgoer wearing a bikini, Sydney Opera House, koala, Tasmanian Devil] 

Dimensions: 17.2cm x 14.7cm
Finish: Glossy

Note: Cut to the shape of the picture (Not rectangular)
Publisher: Visit Merchandise

Aussie Map Icons (Shape Postcard)

SKU: PC189

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