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January 2024 - Four New Postcards!

Three new animal postcards and one new Sydney postcard can now be found at Australia Postcards.

"Wildlife Australia (Montage #2) Postcard" (PC287) features a montage of Australian wildlife, namely a: Koala, Kangaroo, Kookaburra, Emu, Ulysses Butterfly, Echidna, Little Penguins, Rainbow lorikeet, Platypus and Crocodile.

"Ulysses Butterfly Tropical North Queensland Postcard" (PC289) features a Ulysses butterfly, which is one of largest and most beautiful butterflies with a 10cm wing span and vivid blue wings. (See image below)

"Kangaroo Australia (Hopping) Postcard" (PC288) features a hopping (or 'saltating') red kangaroo in the bush.

"Sydney Australia - Opera House and skyline Postcard" (PC286) is a fresh white and blue postcard that features a front-on view of the Sydney Opera House with the Sydney city skyline in the background, which hasn't been available at Australia Postcards as a single picture until now. (See image below)

Find these postcards in the Recent Arrivals or other selected postcard galleries.

Also, look out for some more Brisbane postcards coming soon to Australia Postcards.

We hope that you like the new postcards, and look forward to sending you some Australian postcards during summer and throughout the year.

Cheers from Australia Postcards - "the postcard's touch"!


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